Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bryan's birthday

Bryans birthday was March 13th and he turned Six. Nathan was going to be working in Laramie and so we packed up and went to a Hotel with a swimming pool and of course free breakfast and spent Bryans birthday in Laramie!!!! On the day of his birthday before we left he had his cousins over for cupcakes and he had a great time!!! He loves his cousins!! In Laramie the kids spent most of their time swimming of course and we did break away from the pool and go to the train tracks and walked up onto the bridge to see the trains pass by. Also Lindsey had recieved her drivers permit right before the trip so she was driving around the town and took a picture of a great parking job!!! I can't believe Lindsey is driving!!!! She is so beautiful and grown up!!!!

Spring vacation

We had a great Spring vacation with alot of little family outings. The first weekend of Spring break we checked into a hotel here in Casper called the Cum on inn and it is a beautiful hotel with a huge pool and a lot of hottubs!!! There is something magical about Hotels and swimmingpools and free breakfast for kids that is a lot cheaper than Disneyland!!!here are a couple pictures from this little trip. The boys also went Bowling during spring break and swimming at an aquatic center here in town. It was really nice having the kids home with me. I have something going on with my hip and so I can't walk on it and it was nice having their help.
Nathan was working during the week so we really just had the two weekends to be together as a family. So I will do another post about the second weekend and add some pictures.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It worked!!!!

Okay I am getting the hang of this and it saved and posted and now I am really excited!!! I really need to learn how to get pictures on here!! And I read my post and spelt Jordans name wrong and couldn't fix it once I posted it. So I realize that I need to edit before saving and posting!! Well, I will have an expert blogger come over and teach me a few things and the next time you check my blog you will be amazed!!!! Good night!

Finally blogging

Well, here I am at 2:42 am ; I can't sleep and so I thought I would come down to my computer and try to figure out this blogging thing!! As I am writting I don't know if I am doing this right and if this will even work and be saved. When ever I am woken up by one of my kids between the hours of 2 and 5 am I have the hardest time going back to sleep. I just lay there and think of a million things that I need to be doing but I don't have the energy in the middle of the night to do. I do have the energy however to come down stairs and blog away!!!
So here we are in Casper, Wyoming!!! We have lived here for 2 years now!!! We hate the wind but everyone seems to be really happy here! I was just going to add a photo of our family here in Wyoming but I realized that most of my picture are on my computer and I need to have my husband get them to this computer. So I will just write for now and add pictures later!!
Nathan and I have 6 kids now and are very happy with our 6 and feel very complete!!!! Lindsey is my oldest and I do have a recent photo of her on this computer and so I am going to try and put it on here!!! Well, that didn't work and so I will try another day when I have a blogger next to me to walk me through these steps. Anyways, Lindsey is 15 , Andrea 13, Nathan 11, Jordan 8, Bryan 5, and Dallin 3.
We just experienced the loss of my Nephew; Joshua Scott Ringer, age 6. This has really shooken me up as you can imagine. The Funeral was beautiful and uplifting and life changing for me. It made me really look at myself as a mother and a person and think about regrets I would have if I lost a child or left this life myself. I want to be a better mom, I want to be more spiritual, I want to share my Testimony more, I want to live the Gospel with more exactness. I want to be more patient and kind and happy!!!! I love my children very much and am so blessed to be a mother of such wonderful kids!!! I am really curious as to if this is going to be saved or add to my blog or what so I am going to end here for now until I can get my recent family photos onto this computer. So bye for now!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Kissin Cousins

(This is a guest post by Sarah's sister-in-law who is introducing her new blog to showcase the brilliant, beautiful, brave & bold Bertagnole family.  To me Sarah is Wonder Woman & not only can she leap tall buildings in a single bound, she is also a clever & creative mother, an amazing listener, an incredible cook, a marvelous missionary, and a compassionate friend to all.  If you are reading her blog I'm sure you all love her & her fabulous family like I do-- or no doubt you will soon.)

How sweet is that?  Isaac & Dallin sharing the love.  

Planning for trouble. 

The getaway vehicle. . . 

A slight traffic jam of the fam.  

Could this really have been 18 months ago?  
Where does the time fly away to?  
Where have you been?  

Wishing we could meet you at "the Broken Yolk" for breakfast tomorrow.  Remember that Monte Cristo sandwich?  And the dense french toast with raspberries?  Yummy!  Remember me putting on that sweatshirt (to hide that I was pregnant with Isaac) & sneaking on to the roller coaster?  Fun, fun.   So glad we took that trip.  Love you guys!